Who’s Who @ BTC?

Who’s Who @ BTC?


Marissa is our extremely talented Nonprofit Specialist. She joins us and brings over 15 years experience working alongside such meaningful social service agencies in our city to provide strategic planning services, including fundraising, events and other key development activities. What does Marissa love about BTC? “I love that with every new client, event story or project we’re working on, there’s always something fresh for us to explore, create and learn.” Marissa is a proud midwestern mama, who consistently exceeds expectations with her knowledge and know-how, creativity and communication skills.



Our ever impressive Designer, Kara Tuckerman, combines creativity and thoughtfulness as she brings brands to life through her extensive design capabilities. Kara’s eight years of experience cover print, digital, web and product design, as well as marketing and project management. She thrives in helping companies develop and improve their identity, mission, and vision. What’s her favorite thing to do during the holidays? “I love to visit different neighborhoods around Cincinnati enjoying the lights and grabbing a peppermint coffee or a festive drink in OTR. Most of all I love quiet nights in with my family making holiday treats.”



This is Sarah! With excellent verbal, written and presentation communication skills, she is our Content Creator. Sarah’s nearly 13 years of experience include marketing, event coordination, project management and customer surveys. She is thorough and fresh, bringing color and originality to her work. While she was born and raised in the mid-west, she now lives in Savannah, GA with her family. What does she do to relax? “Jiu jitsu and family. I’m a blue belt in jiu jitsu and it is, by far, my very favorite hobby. We also spend lots of time playing outside, bike riding, and working in the yard.”




Meet our Social Coordinator Shelbie, who has self-taught herself all there is to know about social media marketing! Shelbie has made a name for herself as an influencer and social media expert, thriving at developing, executing and improving brands and businesses social media footprint. She is a skilled marketer and storyteller, bringing new life and insights to your social media plans and challenges. An unknown fact about Shelbie? “I once took a 7 day cruise that turned two weeks long while being stuck at sea dodging 3 hurricanes! It was the most fun and scary two weeks of my life!”



Say hello to Sydney, our Communications Coordinator. Sydney has over five years’ experience in retail management, marketing and communications. This talented, and crazy fashionable, woman is a fellow small business owner herself. Sydney understands the importance of communication and connecting with others through community. She has found a great community in Loveland, Ohio where she resides with her husband, one-year-old daughter and two pups. How does Sydney get those creative juices flowing? “I draw my inspiration from fashion and interior design. I love a moody color palette with texture. And, when all else fails, dance is out!”



If you’re here, you know Andrea! She dreamt up Borrowed Time Creative and works diligently to grow and refine this business by giving her customers that exceptional experience, time and time again. Andrea’s loyalty, drive and keen attention to every beautiful detail make her an expert marketer, event coordinator and businesswoman. “I love how Borrowed Time Creative has evolved. I am so proud to own this company and work with such talented and passionate women. I love that we can be creative. Cliche as it sounds! Creativity is powerful but also a luxury. I am very fortunate to do what I love every single day.”


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