New Wordpress Website Checklist
make sure this is the email address for your NEW website / contact information
add the domain name you would like to use for your new / rebranded company


please choose the tabs you would like on your site
If you have specific content in mind, please provide a document organized by section that reflects the content you would like to use on your site. If you need help here, we will work with you on the copy writing!
Determine important pieces of information from a high level that you’d like to ensure are captured on each page
Pull together any photography or assets you may wish to highlight on your site and drop in this file:
If you use any integrations (a donation portal, a calendar scheduler, etc.) please provide all credentials so that we can integrate them into your site


Provide some examples of site designs that you find inspirational, function in the way you’d like yours to function, or that just align to your general design goals
If you have any particular brand colors, patterns, fonts, etc that you leverage and would like to incorporate into your site, please provide that information

Social Media Credentials