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The Women Behind the Publication

The Women Behind the Publication
Meet our mamas 


How we make it all happen…
We are coordinators…of events, marketing, branding, and more. Executing your plan to its fullest
potential also means we are collaborators. AND, might I add, we get to collaborate with some of the
best influencers, vendors and other staff in the business. It’s one of our greatest honors to find and
know these professionals and join forces to make magic happen!

So, who do we work with? First off, influencers. These are the “trending” brands (individuals!) that drive
customers to your business. They are insanely effective at increasing your brand awareness. A few of
our favorites include @DDOTTS_. She’s all about motherhood, lifestyle and DIY and does it ALL really
well. @KAITSKRAVINGS is a food enthusiast who strikes a special cord with the food community here in
town. Then there’s @SEEMOLLYBLOG who brings her personal flare to lifestyle and fashion. You will
LOVE what she loves!


When it comes to vendors and event staff, we know how to pick them. Having executed hundreds of
events, we know who does it best. Our top picks (and we only use our top picks!) bring inspiration and
enchantment to small, intimate affairs as well as those large, epic events! Food, venues, and rentals, we
know who does it right and are proud to introduce you to them!

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